Keym, Werner: Anything but Average
Chess Classics and Off-beat Problems
Second Edition

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Soon after the publication of Anything but Average (1st ed.) in May 2020, Werner Keym has considered a revised and expanded second edition of his book which is now a good year later available. Compared to the first edition, the author has particularly improved the structure of his work (already disclosed in the "Contents", see the excerpt linked below), and has included 40 new games/studies/problems.

The total of 400 games, endgame studies and problems should address the entire spectrum of chess aficionados OTB players of all shades and problem enthusiasts alike. There are altogether 630 diagrams, thereof a large part of auxiliary diagrams complementing the profound expla-nations. Additionally, 140 related problems may be readily looked up in the Schwalbe PDB (Chess Problem Database Server) by means of their quoted PDB numbers. The 'best practice' to present each problem with its solution on one page has naturally been retained.

Surely, the level of difficulty varies across the book to a certain extent, but each reader – from less experienced to expert – will find here something suiting his taste:

Immortal games and unforgettable combinations, famous endgame studies, classical problems of all genres up to the top compositions highlighted as ‘Millennium problems’ (now allocated to the corresponding genres) are explained, preferably with a minimum of the mostly disliked problem jargon. So you will also encounter plenty of the big names of the chess world, past and present.

As Werner Keym’s preferences have not changed, of course, again compositions featuring the specialties of chess (castling, pawn promotion, en-passant capture) and other off-beat problems (rotation, adding pieces, text problems, retro puzzles, proof games, special stipulations, jokes, tales) constitute a substantial part of the book. Furthermore, a problem chess song has been included, and leafing through the book, you will again come across a lot of sophisticated, enlightening and enjoyable quotes and aphorisms (updated as well).

Our excerpt will give you a more detailed impression of the book.

Keym, Werner
Anything but Average – Chess Classics and Off-beat Problems
Second Edition

Kuhn/Murkisch Series No. 48
Nightrider Unlimited, Göttingen 2021
viii + 202 pp.

Cloth-bound edition of 100 copies (in the usual get-up of the red series)
15.5 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 441 g
ISBN 978-3-935586-16-0  

Price: 25 € or US$ plus postage

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